The Microsoft back door Access code
Also see Building a 100% Private Computer system

The reasons for creating an access code
Ever since the 9-11 attacks knocked down World Trade Towers, a number of elite programmers began to privately report that Microsoft installed a backdoor access code into all Windows platforms later than Windows 3.1. It's not hard for Microsoft to do. If this is true, then anyone using Windows XP or Windows 7 can have their computer looked at by anyone with that Microsoft Access code.

Whether it's true or not, I don't know, but here's a simple way to counter it;

Make a truly private computer system
Make one computer your online computer, and make the other computer your offline computer which you never hook up to the Internet. Do all your important work on your offline computer, and never hook it up to the Internet.

Certain senior computer techs said Microsoft gave the access code technology to Homeland Security, the Intel agencies and the large globalist corporations. It is true we do want criminals on the Internet caught. Yes, the govt should always be able to look into anyone's computer who was ever convicted of rape or murder, but the corporations presently running America haven't been too concerned with catching criminals or reducing crime. Corporate America constantly lobbies Washington for lower taxes and removing regulations, which doesn't help reduce the crime rate one bit. When did we ever hear a large corporation like Monsanto or Exxon lobby Congress to mandate basic moral education be taught in schools and jails? Never. We obviously don't have a moral corporate America, and it might take a second revolution to create it. In fact, corporate America may be the biggest contributor to immorality in America, since their lobbying to cut welfare and unemployment will surely cause America's crime rate to increase.

So most likely the access code is being used on a widespread scale by corporate America to further their own profit interests. They could look at their competitor's computers, or any lawyer's computer who sues that corporation. A corporation with the access code could easily throw someone's lawsuit. This is why the best defense is to have two computers; an Offline computer and an Online computer.

Make an Offline computer for 100% privacy

Since I went to college for microelectronics and computer design, I can tell you it's pretty easy for Microsoft to build in a back door access code into all of its Windows programs.  Microsoft most likely made the access code so it is undetectable by any anti-virus software or security programs. Anyone working on important things like lawsuit work is far better off by creating an offline computer.

If the Microsoft access code does exist (and I think it probably does), here's a list of the corporations and institutions that probably have that access code;

* All Microsoft CEOs and any technicians they want to have the access code.

* All of the Fortune 500 corporations. Any large corporation worth more than $10 billion. Some say Monsanto probably looks inside the computers of every law firm working on filing a lawsuit against Monsanto.

* Senior officers of Homeland Security, all of the Intelligence agencies, FBI, Homeland Security, etc.

* All Muslim oil barons.

* The Intelligence agencies of most of the Western nations.

* A handful of private hackers for a short time, if at all.

Most likely the Microsoft access code has powerful handshaking capabilities that contact external servers in a matter of milliseconds before the data leaves the person's computer. Heavy encryption codes, dating and handshake verifications are made before it works. An encrypted log on what the data is, where it is being sent, and from whom, is likely first transmitted to a third party server. If certain conditions are not met, then the Microsoft access code disables itself, thereby keeping it out of the hands of hackers. That's how I would have designed it, to prevent "some kid down the street" from using the Microsoft access code. The big corporations in America use hi tech to protect their big money, and to make sure they keep earning more big money.

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