UFOs do not exist

On the Internet are numerous websites promoting the superstitious view that UFOs and flying saucers show contact with earth by some other worldly peoples.

The term UFOs means "Unidentified Flying Objects" which can mean any flying object that has not yet been identified. Mostly however, the term UFO is used to refer to flying saucers containing people from some other planets. To date, there is not one piece of UFO wreckage that has ever been discovered. No foreign metals or any unknown substances have ever turned up. At sites where a UFO supposedly crashed, the items that were discovered are from weather balloons, jets, missiles, and even practical joke items like toy frisbees with lights built into them. If flying saucers from other planets exist, there would have been some sort of wreckage discovered, some new allow or material, none of which has ever turned up. This means there is no scientific proof that UFO from other planets exist, which properly defines this topic as pure superstition.

Below is a list of what is actually seen when claims of a UFO are made;

* Frisbee toys being thrown and photographed
Many UFO photos show frisbees.

* Aircraft lights
Lights from planes, even stars sporadically blocked from view by moving cloud formations.

* Military test vehicles
These can be almost any shape or size, any speed or angles of descent. US govt test aircraft can make hushed whizzing sounds or be completely without noise. Because most military test vehicles are consider secret, at least during the testing phase, the government usually will not answer any questions about these tests. Failure to publicly comment on sightings of these test craft does not mean they are UFOs from another planet.

* Natural cloud formations
Clouds can form perfect saucer-like shapes of immense size. They can move swiftly in the wind, stay stationary, rise and drop in altitude, even vanish.

* Toy balloons shaped like flying saucers
Toy balloons are among the most common aerial objects misconstrued to be "UFOs from another planet".

* Weather balloons
These are usually silver or metallic in color. Often quite large, designed to float high in the atmosphere in order to take wind measurements. They are certainly man made. One of the most famous weather balloons was a USAF test balloon containing 3 foot tall dummies that crashed in the desert in Roswell, NM, in 1947.

* Trick photography
Within this list I need not even mention trick photography or photoshopped pictures.


Frisbee toy


Another frisbee

Toy balloon
FINAL NOTE; In the 20th century telescopes of the most advanced design were developed that can look deep across the universe and track objects millions of miles away. To date there is not one spacecraft ever spotted or tracked except for documented spacecraft that was built by NASA or one of the advanced countries of the world.

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