A superstitious devil?  FAKE

The word devil as a loose slang term
In the days of the Bible thousands of years ago, there were numerous physical ailments which people didn't understand. This can include anything from a common flu to epilepsy or autism, or anything bad or foreign which they didn't understand.

It was usually less educated people who used terms like devil or demon used like slang words. In ancient times, some people may say a child afflicted with multiple sclerosis had a devil in him. In other cases, a person acting in an outlandish, nasty or violent manner might be said to have a devil or be possessed by demons. It was an expression. In later times, fictional authors began to equate the words devil and demon with physical beings who harmed people and liked violence, often portraying these fictional figures as being powerful and godlike, when in fact these are fictional depictions. The terms devil and demon are basically understood today to be superstitious terms describing fictional characters.

Belief in one God, with no devil
People who believe in one God, like Jews and JudeoChristians, do not believe in a devil with supernatural powers who has godlike powers or who battles with God. Nor do they believe any devil made anyone do anything or possess anyone. Some Christian sects, however, do believe in the devil, where they hold the view that the devil is the opposite of God. To some people, God and the devil are like cartoon characters in a fictional sort of way, where each one is needed to balance out the other. This is a wholly incorrect way of looking at things. Rationally speaking, there is no evidence any devils or demons exist.

In United States courts, while we do sometimes see mention of God in a good way, the courts do not allow anyone to blame their actions on the devil, demons or any other supposed godlike beings. Every person is held accountable for his actions. In rare circumstances, sometimes a psychiatrist's diagnosis of a serious mental illness is allowed in court to reduce the sentence given to a lawbreaker, but this is very rare. This defense is being disputed as being just as false and superstitious as claiming the devil made someone commit a crime.

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