Criminals choose to commit crimes

An illness cannot make a person break the law

Drugs cannot make a person have poor morals, nor can any illness, disease, alcohol or chemicals of any kind. Every person who commits a crime knows exactly what he is doing, regardless of any drugs, alcohol or illness present. If a person is a law abiding person, he will still be law abiding regardless of any drugs, alcohol or illnesses. A person develops his good moral character as he grows up, by choice and by upbringing.

See King Solomon's Guidelines for Moral Psychology

A person chooses to become violent over time. This doesn't happen overnight. It takes years and years for a person to develop a criminal like mentality where he chooses to think violence is an okay way to resolve a problem. This takes time for a person to become a dangerous, violent criminal and all of this is a result of that person's choice. Because such things as drugs, chemicals and illness are physical, they affect the body only physically. They cannot affect a person's mind as far as the person's morals. They cannot give a person poor morals. Nothing can make a person commit a crime or act violent. Good morals are something a person learns while growing up.

No illness can make a person break the law,
nor can any drugs or alcohol

How does someone become a violent criminal? Immorality usually begins small with a little stealing and lying. If the person doesn't correct himself but instead chooses to develop even poorer morals, he may come to believe he has special rights over other people, that other people are either "in his way" or are "there to serve him". Over time, the person chooses to associate with people of similar poor moral character. The person starts lying on a regular basis, as if it's perfectly okay to. He starts thinking he can do whatever he wants to, regardless of what the law says. he puts his own selfish, animal like desires above the law. Verbally, you usually hear this kind of person say things that denigrate the law such as "Oh, that's just what the law says". Another common phrase spoken by a person who has developed somewhat of a criminal mentality is "I do what I want to do. No one can tell me what to do".  Other behavior evident often involves the person laughing while watching a TV program showing someone else get harmed.

People with good morals know there's a big difference between laughing at someone, than there is laughing with someone. A person never becomes this way overnight. It takes a long time for someone from a good family with good morals to develop a criminal sort of mentality, and it is always by choice. It begins with lying and small offenses, which the person justified. He does not stop and admit he is wrong, thereby beginning to correct himself. He instead chooses to fool himself into believing he has every right to lie, even to steal and harm others. A person who has pushed away from good morals can choose to start thinking violence is okay as a means of resolving problems, and such a person will verbally say this too. This is why it's important when meeting someone new to talk to him to see what he is like. Just by chatting casually with someone we will discern by his plain answers as to his moral character.

While chatting about a fellow coworker who was recently fired for stealing or threatening someone, a person with a criminal like mentality will usually side with the offender. For example, he will recall how "This guy at work was caught stealing and got fired, but the store deserves it. Everyone steals from that place".

Or someone with poor morals might make a depraved statement like;

"That employee was fired for threatening to kill the manager. Ha ha! That manager is such a jerk, he deserves to be killed anyway. Ha ha."
Often people with poor morals show little empathy for others. We can see if a person has good morals by how he talks and what he talks about, and by what he does in life.

Someone with poor morals usually sides with criminals when telling a story about some crime or offense that too place. Someone with good morals most always sides with the person who obeys the law no matter who it is, regardless of color, religion, physical appearances, etc. When telling a story about some offense that occurred, he may say "Yeah the guy got fired from work for stealing. Stealing is stupid. I mean, if a guy is going to steal from work, he's probably going to steal from me or you if we hang around with him. True? That's why I never invited the guy over to my house."

Young women should especially listen to what a guy says when she meets him. Am woman who is beaten up or physically abused by a guy can usually explain how she saw initial queues for this violence when she first began a relationship with the man. She will recall stories about how he would bang his fists on the car dashboard when he got angry about this or that. How he often verbally threatened to beat someone up, even to kill someone, but that the woman chalked it up as simply "man talk". Well, every girl should realize that law abiding, non violent men do not talk like that. A man is going to act just like the way he talks and what he does on life. In the old days, the phrase people used to describe a violent man was "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword". This was meant to show that a man is just as he appears to be.

Someone who makes it seem like violence is a cool and okay way to resolve a problem is most certainly going to act that way eventually. Any man can change his course of poor morals and get back into good morals, but this can take time for him to heal from the damage he has been doing to himself over time by harboring poor morals. When a person is used to reacting with anger, hating others for minor reasons, it will take time for him to develop a new, much more clean personality. A man who makes it sound like being strong, stupid and violent (like a cave man) is something to be admired, is generally not the kind of man who has developed good morals. He probably won't be trustworthy and non violent in a relationship as time goes on, unless he actively studies wisdom and good morals that teach him the importance of being a good person.

Every person is naturally born with good morals of love, kindness and goodness, but even finer aspects of good moral character are developed when a person gets older. We can actually look at a person's family to also get an idea about the morals of that person. A young man who grows up in a family where his brother is in and out of jails, and his sister has a long rap sheet for selling drugs, shows this young man was obviously exposed to criminal behavior for many years. It's possible he was actively rejecting that criminal like mentality while growing up, but even being in an environment where poor moral character is the normal way of acting and is accepted to some degree will usually make it easier for that person to slowly become acclimated into accepting criminal conduct.

This is one of the many reasons why we ourselves stay on the good path of protecting our morals. Not only to insure that we are good and successful and do well in life, but also so we don't set a bad example for our younger relatives.

Probably the best wisdom teachings are those in the Book of Proverbs by King Solomon of Israel.

There is no illness or drug that can make a person develop poor morals. All of this is a result of choice. All behavior is learned and chosen. No drugs, alcohol or illness can make a person break the law or commit a crime.  It would be incorrect grammar to suggest this.

When we study the thousands of good moral teachings of King David and King Solomon, we don't find anything saying an illness or drug can make someone commit a crime or is an excuse for breaking the law. Three thousand years ago when these wisdom books were compiled by the superkings David and Solomon, surely there were herbs and mixtures known about that might cause a person's body to feel uncomfortable or bad. Ergot is LSD, and ergot has been around for thousand of years. Some herbs or plants can cause serious pain, yet this was never allowed as an excuse for committing a crime or to receive a lesser penalty.

No matter what a person feels like after eating any herb, plant or chemical, the person still will decide how he wants to react to those feelings. A good law abiding person will remain law abiding. However, someone who has chosen to develop a criminal mentality may feel sexually aroused by some plant or herb, where he may choose to go rape a woman.

A man with good morals is different. He has developed the ability to ignore any physical urges, no matter what he sees or hears. No matter what herbs, plant or chemical he ingested. No matter how his body feels regarding any sexual urges, hunger, confusion, pain, etc. A person with good morals always remains in complete control over what he does. As a person grows up, his good morals become habit to him. He no longer has to resist the urge, for example, to lie about something. He no longer has that urge. It is gone.

Over time, he no longer has to even try to exert self control to avoid engaging in corrupt behavior because he ignores it. His body also becomes acclimated into ignoring immoral, harmful behaviors.

The best way to learn good moral wisdom is to study King David's Psalms and King Solomon's Proverbs. These are found in the Old Testament of every JudeoChristian bible.

One of the first things we learn in moral wisdom teachings is to develop absolute self control. It doesn't matter how one's body feels at any given moment, or what daydream might cross a person's mind after he watches some violent TV program. He will ignore it and not react to it in any way. A person with good morals will never break the law, no matter how he feels, no matter what was done to him in the past. He has developed an inner love for the law which is now second nature to him. He has an incredible love for goodness, an absolute respect for kindness. He has complete self control over all that he does because his self control is guided by good morals. As he develops his love even more, focusing on equakity and love for all people, he will have absolute self control over all of the base, animal-like instincts that all people are born with  .

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