The falsity of crop circles

Finally.., the truth is told. Crop circles were made by farmers, not UFOs

There are numerous websites on the Internet today showing various patterns and circles made on farmland in Britain. Many of the websites  attempt to give some link between crop circles and UFOs, as if UFOs had made these patterns.  It turns out, that British farmers had gone out at night and used sticks to squash down crops to make the patterns and circles. They do this as a prank.
See how farmers make the crop circles
Wood slats are tied together with ropes. The farmers step on the slats while walking them around in a circle, squashing the crops down in any pattern they like.

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Why?  Why are there websites promoting the wacky, child-like notion of crop circles being some "UFO phenomenon" to be investigated?

To get attention and earn money

The wilder and wackier the statement, the more it will get noticed. Some people stand to earn money with books and videos claiming crop circles were made by UFOs, but just because a website says something, that doesn't mean it's true. The facts show that farmers make the crop circles, where again, money is the main motivation.

Circlemakers - the tools farmers use to make crop circles

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