Music Guidelines for starting up a band

These are the same guidelines many big rock stars follow,
and it allows for incredibly good new music to be created.

                   * Always have good manners and morals. The best music comes from the understanding that all people
                    are beautiful, and all people are equal under the law.

                   * No lying or stealing. Never do anything to harm anyone. Always be non-violent.

                   * Respect all cultures, including your own. All cultures are equal under the law, and all people are good
                    deep down inside.

                   * No mocking on people. No derogatory name calling. Don't repeat defamation.

                   * The best bands are into the spirit of cooperation, goodness, and love for all people. Not personal
                    competition or infighting between people. Remember the key to creating awesome new music is for the
                    band to cooperate together as equals, not to compete against each other in a "who is better than who"
                    manner.  An excellent book showing why people do much better when they cooperate with each other,
                    instead of competing against each other, is called No Contest, by Alfie Kohn.

                   * Use alcohol and drugs in moderation, not in excess.

                   * Always respect someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend, or their husband or wife. Never try to get together
                   sexually with someone who has a steady boyfriend or girlfriend, or is married.  Never have sex with lots
                    of different people you hardly know. No weird or perverted sex. Never mix violence with sex.

                   * Always promote love for all people, and the protection of all life.

                   * Never joke about a person who is disabled or injured. Always have compassion and hope for healing.

                   * Always move with 100% honesty, compassion, and love for all people.   -   -   -